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The Randolph Turpin Bar

Randy's Bar has been completely renovated and is themed on Randolph Turpin the champion Boxer, who once owned the Summit Complex. In 1952 the world middle weight champion purchased the building and it became a place of interest, which drew big crowds, holding sparing matches in the grounds.

The Bars design lets the public know when they visit this bar, that we had a true Hero in Randolph Turpin, who lifted our spirits not long after the Second World War. The pictures on the walls of the bar depict most of his famous fights. There are posters of his venues, and one in particular of his fight with Sugar Ray Robinson, as well as other interesting memorabilia.


Hot Toddies

Sit down and enjoy a hot toddie, a great way to unwind after a hike!


Great range of draught lagers & 

Take your pick from a selection of liquer coffees served at Randy's Bar.


Stocking mulled wine & spicy cider

Perfect for a cold winter's day, or unwinding after a walk on the magnificent Great Orme.