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The history behind
The Summit Complex

In its tenure, the Summit Complex has had a range of previous uses before it was the building it is today - you can learn all about its fascinating history here.


Semaphore Station

The magnificent panoramic views have been a draw for over a century. The early Victorians would visit the semaphore station at the summit. This formed part of the essential optical telegraph system where a message from Holyhead could be received in Liverpool in 27 seconds. Such was its popularity with these new tourists, the Great Orme Tramway was built.  Catering for sightseers stemmed from humble beginnings as the telegraph master, began serving visitors with refreshments. And from this beginning, we here at the Summit Complex endeavour to do the same.


The Summit Hotel

In the early twentieth century, the building was transformed into the Summit Hotel. A Nine bedroom hotel which served as the 19th hole for the Great Orme Golf Club. The Golf Club Closed in 1939 and is now a sheep farm. During the Second World War, the Summit Complex was requisitioned by the RAF, and became a temporary Radar Station.